Voice of the VICTORIOUS

In this, her first published work, she shares her long sojourn from the miry pit of a childhood replete with complex trauma and evil~ to the healing heights of the life giving arms of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The journey is heart wrenching and filled with many a valley. The voices we experience in our childhood have a profound effect on us throughout the rest of our lives. Those that are damaging can be overcome! There is a voice that conquers all others, and it is one of perfect love and safety!

Click on the MENU buttons at top; then 2. Book Sales

It will take you to the publishers site WESTBOW PRESS where your can order an e copy or order a hard copy. You will rejoice at all The Lord God Almighty has healed in this one life. He truly can do all things!!! Trust His WORD and let His Voice be your voice of victory too!

Source: Voice of the VICTORIOUS

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