Voice of the Victorious!

The Lord’s roars are often heard in a whisper of truth to our hearts.

He is speaking…are we listening?

Strength in weakness

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”My promises are more FAITHFUL and TRUE than you have ever imagined.”

I hear HIS WHISPER July 22

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Read and Rejoice in Redemption!

There are those moments in life when you simply know you have to leap into the next chapter in life without any idea where you are going to land. This blog is one of those leaps!

The Lord graciously has given His Word as a source of great hope and encouragement and healing throughout many dark chapters of my life. He brought light and encouragement to my heart when it was crushed beyond recognition. I am honored to pass along some of the encouragement, hope, truth, joy and strength found in it, to you. Bit by bit, morsel by morsel, for your consideration and digestion. As you take it in, my prayer is that you will begin to know God and His great love for His image bearers a little more intimately.

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