He holds us firmly!

“Do not yield to fear! For IAM is always near. Never turn your gaze from ME, for IAM your FAITHFUL GOD! I will infuse you with strength and help you. In every situation. I WILL HOLD YOU FIRMLY WITH MY VICTORIOUS right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10 (TPT)

Oh what an amazing ABBA God. He does not demand us to buck up and take it on the chin. He encourages us in our true position of victory! Reminds us that HE has us firmly in His right hand! This place of refuge and strength that He provides for all His kids is a gem of truth will not change!

IF ONLY I could never forget where I am seated. Kind of like forgetting where I park the car in the grocery store lot. When I remember my seat has a reserved sign on it for all eternity ~ I stop staring at my feet when I talk. He lifts my chin up to His powerful love filled eyes and fills me with humble confidence! He will enable us in a purely healthy way to slay giants and strengthen our friends and family. We will actually say things that build up confidence in others and encourage their walk, not the opposite. Sarcasm and negativity get sliced and diced by encouragement. The world and the enemy of our souls hurl things at us continually in various ways, that are meant to kill any sense of hope of victory and joy in our hearts. But we have the ultimate weapons in our soul that will totally obliterate all those things! We have all that we need to win these battles! His mighty armor, His Spirit within us and His Word the sharpest sword ever~ He ensures our victory and we must remember that we fight from this place of VICTORY – from HIS grip – His VICTORIOUS right hand! So, today – I am reminded of this and will intentional remember this truth – and remind others of it and pray that you will do the same! So that, we all can walk in this victory, joy and confidence today and the rest of this journey! KNOWING that we are held in the winner’s seat! The Father’s hand!

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