Whisper that Roared to CALM

This morning was like most mornings…i awake in the wee hours and stumble downstairs to hit brew on the coffeemaker whilst I take care of letting the dog out.

Then I stretch and wait and continue the conversation with my Lord that began as I was waking to the day. Usually in those first moments I notice a worship song streaming through my heart and mind. This morning was no different. “He Reigns! Glory in the highest! He reigns! Let the nations testify ~ He reigns…” Yes indeed You do Lord ~ above all storms of this life, amid all storms of this life, after all the storms of this life!!! Hallelujah YOU reign.

As I am continuing to hum this tune, I pour my cup of delicious warmth and take my seat in His presence in my prayer closet…oh how I love this place of shelter underneath His wings…in His shadow. I sit…and listen…and breath it in. The night has been fitful, but there is peace now, here. Palatable peace…i am humbled by His love and presence.

Opening His Word I am struck deeply by Matthew 8…where Jesus leads the disciples into a boat,; they follow…He falls asleep. In perfect peace. They are wide awake and the storm suddenly rages from out of no where. They rightly are terrified…on their own they have nothing but physical strength.

BUT they are NOT ALONE!!! He is right there in the front of the bow sleeping on a pillow…peacefully. Amid the storm. In the same BOAT as they are; He rests. Then out of terror – they wake him! WE ARE GONNA DIE!!!! How can you just sleep?! He wakes, rebukes the storm. It instantly obeys and is still. What must have seemed like a whisper in the storm; held the power of a mighty roar of the KING of Kings and calmed the raging seas!

The Prince of Peace was standing in the storm with them and the storm stilled at His word.…where were they looking when they were so terrified? They were looking at the storm ~ and thus struck with terror. For when they looked to JESUS – the storm stilled. Had they forgotten it was He that lead them into the boat, to cross over the sea. They had followed…He was leading them to the next level of faith…this path just so happened to be through a storm…that HE would still and reveal another layer of WHO HE IS! He is peace!

As I sit there …i too am in the midst of a storm…I KNOW HE has lead me here and I have been getting fearful as the waves grow higher…my issue —- I have been looking at the sea…not at my King and Prince of Peace. I refocus with this whisper to my soul. Re-fixing my gaze upon the AUTHOR of my life! Yeshua my Messiah! Peace slows my heartbeat…and relaxes my stomach and I sense His very real arms surround me and whisper “Peace Be Still my daughter…I am right here with You..I brought you this far…I will safely bring you to My next port for you. For you to see Me more clearly and trust more deeply. Listen for my Words of Truth that bring peace and quiet confidence! You will never be disappointed or lost when you are in My boat!

The Storm stills when HE whispers “Peace, Be Still” Matt 8:23-27

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  1. It is 2:45 AM and my heart is troubled. The Master’s voice tells me “peace be still. He is with me, I am not alone. Thank you for this gentle reminder, my friend.

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