His Roar: A love that destroys fear…

HIS VOICE sounds like mighty waters…The writers of the Old Testament portion of the Bible often used this as a metaphor. Or maybe the reality of what they heard could only be explained by what they knew was the loudest, most powerful thing that comes close to the voice of the Lord! Mighty ocean waves…or thunder! Can you hear it. (Tap on the video for a taste of the ocean wave sound to help you a bit)

Ezekiel 43:2b “…And His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His Glory!”

Yet with His powerful voice, He often speaks to us in the whispers of love that shatters fear. He speaks to His children with a deep unconditional love! With each new sunrise. We have the opportunity to choose to listen for it and rejoice in hearing.

God is so powerful yet so tender! I adore that about Him! This love that He generously offers it to us! It is the only sure destroyer of one of satan’s biggest weapons against us – fear! Seriously! Really trusting God’s indescribable love for us and sealed in us by His Holy Spirit, is like a personal knight of old being our body guard; and fear is the dragon that it slays! Yes! I will receive that every day! You can too! Go for it! Be done with living in fear! Go and take a peak at I John 4:18. You can google it if you would like. You can then read it yourself and check my facts!

1 John is a letter from John the apostle (who actually literally walked with Jesus and was an eyewitness to everything He did in the last 3 years of His earthly human life.) in the New Testament portion of the Bible. You should totally read the whole letter! It is really quite short. Plus, it is full of more of these solid truths regarding God’s amazingly powerful love! Remember ~ God loved us first before we ever thought a thought.

When we get it that we actually are given the same power to love others as He did ~ it changes how we live here. We start acting more like Jesus acted with those He lived around. Stop walking in fear and start stepping out with loving confidence! Being kinder, more compassionate, forgiving, selfless even. Hey! That is good for everyone! Now, go listen for His mighty thundering voice that speaks with oceans full of perfect love for you and me! Enjoy Him!

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